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Graphic Design Inspiration Summer 2014

Ah yes, this summer has come and gone. I'm trying to recall all the images that passed through my head since June. Good thing I have my trusty iPod… As I go about my day, sometimes my eye gets caught by items or labels or whatever that feeds my inspiration. That's when the iPod comes out and I have that image forever! Mwahahaha! Let the list begin!

1. Caribou Coffee

Firstly, there's the adorable logo that looks like a coffee bean sprung legs- sure I'll buy that! Second, I'm visually drawn to anything that has texture. And this texture works with the product and attitude of the label. Lastly, the variety and character of the fonts plus the easy to interpret "roast guide" at the bottom. Win win! 

2. HipCityVeg Menu

What made me smile from ear-to-ear when I first held this little beauty was the unusual and yet easy to interpret style of the menu. Besides a great paper feel, the menu has a gate fold (opens in the middle) which leaves the front up for visual grabs. The designer does not disappoint. Colorful icons and typography fill the space and drive home the bright/healthy/happy tone of HipCityVeg. The inside is balanced and lets my eye move as it pleases.

I just love everything about this restaurant!

3. Wood Type

Everywhere I look, I'm seeing vintage typography and what I think is wood type. Wood type was created when large advertisements demanded large blocks of type. Metal is just too heavy, so wood was used. There still remains the largest collection of wood type at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Wisconsin. There's a cool documentary about the museum called "Typeface". The attraction towards wood type comes from it's worn appearance and various curvy and illustrative fonts. In my personal art, I've been drawn to vintage posters and their wacky typography! Toulouse Lautrec you ask? You bet! Here's one of many pictures of beautifully stylized type that I've witnessed this summer.


4. Custom Ink

My Mom recently made an order for shirts from Custom Ink. I remembered seeing the logo on and thought it to be very clever. When my shirt arrived, my jaw dropped when I looked at the tag- It's a tag & a STICKER in ONE! What better way to get the logo around then offer it up as a sticker for every customer who buys a shirt. Wowzers.


5. The PMA Logo

Now, I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly sold on the new logo for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I mean, they ditched the gryphon!! Here's the new vs. the old in an article from the Inquirer. Furthermore, they hired Pentagram, a design consultancy from NY, while there are plenty of ready & able designers from Philadelphia. Hmmmm… At face value, the logo isn't that dazzling. However, it does have many variations of shapes and imagery to substitute the letter "A" in "Art". The many examples can been viewed on Pentagram's site. While this took massive creativity and consideration of the art within the PMA, the logo will never be viewed with all of it's variations at once. So, I'm currently still on the fence with this new brand. The re-brand was probably made in conjunction with Frank Gehry's plans to update the interior of the museum. These architectural changes will be modern and thus, fit well with the new logo. Any reason to update the museum to attract people and keep it open is fine by me! 

6. James Victore's Burning Questions

Every once in a while, I hop on youtube and listen to a few of Victore's Burning Questions. He's got great advice for graphic designers, whether it's about art or confidence or creative blocks. Victore is famous for not finishing school, making his own posters and plastering them all over New York. He's right up there with Stefan Sagmeister in terms of taking what's been done and throwing a wrench in it. Good stuff.


That's all for now! I'll be sure to post another Graphic Design Inspiration for Fall/Winter! Cheers!



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