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My Internship at downesDesigns

This past Spring, while working my regular shift as framer at Repenning Fine Arts, a lovely lady dropped off a canvas to be stretched. It was a beautiful oil painting; a sea of children's faces that stare out from the canvas. A Kathe Kollwitz/drenched-in-dark-beauty kind of painting. My first thought, 'This lady is awesome to be wanting this on her wall!' After some chit chat with my boss, she left her business card mentioning she was a graphic designer working in Haddonfield. A month later, I was e-mailing Pamela to see if she was interested in having an intern. And then the magic happened, bippity boppity boo! 

It was a fortunate series of events, since Pamela is an extremely talented business owner, graphic designer, and mentor. Not only is she knowledgeable, but is also very giving of her knowledge and experience. downesDesigns was born after Pamela's experience as an art director for many years. Pamela can do just about anything (from bus wraps & websites to annual reports) and her clients are primarily non-profit organizations. During the internship we made all sorts of great work! Business cards, notecards, annual reports, PATCO posters, bus wraps, bus signage, Facebook timeline imagery, tee shirts, and greeting cards.













We also went on a tour of CRW Graphics. Incredible! I learned about CMYK vs. Pantone vs. Digital printing. We walked through rooms of gigantic machinery while talking about the many obstacles to over-come during printing. This old press was greeting visitors at the entrance. Mmm, obsolete but still lovely. CRW Graphics is also covered in beautiful original art. I saw an original Francis Bacon print and couldn't believe my eyes! A Bacon in South Jersey- who knew! This tour had it all- Graphic Design and great art. Thanks CRW for letting me breath on your Bacon print! Oh, and for teaching me everything I need to know about printing. 

I also picked up all sorts of goodies while I was there- stuff from Tyler, the Barnes, and PMA (notice the new logo with one of its many variations).

Of the many things Pamela taught me, her biggest lesson was to always be "forward-thinking". That is, when you start doodling in your notebook for a project, think about what it will be like when it's printed and finished. What is the printing process going to be like (CMYK/Pantone)? Does the client have a pre-existing logo and specific color palette? Is this design going on the web as well? Will it be sent in the mail? Not only does "forward-thinking" apply to work, but also to one's personal goals. What else should I be considering right now to prepare for the next 6 months? Sounds overwhelming, but this is the habit that Pamela has developed to help her thrive in her business. Hopefully, this attitude has worn off on me and I'll be ready for this coming school year, graduation and job-hunt.

Thank you downesDesigns for giving me this wonderful opportunity! I'll always remember walking into the office, Pamela ready to go and getting the run-down for the day. Scribbling in my notebook while coffee was brewing. We played music and sang; Beatles, REM, Blondie, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and more. Pamela always taught me to never sell myself short and to go after my dreams!



The projects on this website that came from downesDesigns include: The Nines, Pathways to Housing, The Connection, Twin Oaks & Bells Bodies.




Kendra DeSimone